Tuesday, December 1, 2009

13 Days in Italy Left!!

If you have noticed... I have changed the title format of these blog posts. I think it makes more sense and sounds much more exciting to write them like this now.

So what's been going on these last couple of weeks (I've been bad at posting weekly... I'm sorry.)?

Well last week Justin's friend Gary came from Malta, as well did two of my friend Eli's friends from the east coast. All of them were great, and it was a very good time. On Thanksgiving, they all came over and Gary cooked up some chicken and potatoes (he works in a restaurant too) and it was excellent. Then Gary went home and the following day the other guys went home as well.

Last Wednesday was the animation screening. It went really well. I am glad that I am now done with animation class so I can focus on my Italian and Cinema History finals as well as get something written for the end of Creative Writing.

Since I'm sure someone wants to see it... here is my final animation project:

So this weekend I plan on going to Venice for a night, so I can see it, but if it keeps raining, it may flood and I may have to postpone it till a future Italy trip. This week is flying by, followed by finals next week, and then I'm off to Frankfurt for 2 days... followed by Jesse, Me, and Jose going to Prague, seeing family, and 2 days in London... but more on that as it happens.

Then I'll be home the 23rd!!

And everyone... I know I've been real bad at this lately so for once..... A WHOLE LOT OF PICTURES FOR YOU TO LOOK AT.


Florence 2009!!

... I can't center the above link for some reason... oh well?

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