Friday, November 13, 2009

The Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Week!

Hey All!

Sorry its taken me so long to get this update up, and sorry yet again that I am lacking in the picture department. I now have 3 weeks to sum up for you (2 of which were interesting) and I shall now proceed to do so - and hopefully do it in a way that does not result in you having to read a Tolstoy(sized)novel about my past weeks.

Also I apologize for spelling errors... for they will ensue.

So Jesse and Jose arrived, and we spent the 3 nights (well 2 for Jose) eating Pizza, cooking, and just generally hanging out and catching up. Then as quickly as Jose had come, he had departed, and 15 mins later Jesse and I headed off on the next train to Pisa.

Realizing we had arrived there way to early, we took the city bus over to the leaning tower (didn't go in), then had a really cool and really Italian looking lunch, consisting of thinly sliced meat, then got back to the airport and flew on to Barcelona.

Here is a summary of what happened there.

We took the hour bus from Girona (our airport) to Barcelona. We walked until we found our hotel. Our hotel was awesome and in the marina. We then ate Tapas (little plates of Spanish food) next door to the hotel and went to sleep. Following day we had lunch with out cousin David (and also met him) at a cool omelet and hamburger place. Then we relaxed and walked around the city more. Going to and walking down La Ramblas. Later that night we ate some of the worst Tapas that might ever have existed on the planet. Can you say "sausage-submerged-in-oil-and-heated-in-the-microwave"? Terrible. Following day we walked all along the Marina and Beach, at at an awesome trendy restaurant that I forgot the name of, and then had dinner with David and his family at his sisters place. His son came, as did Ari, another cousin who apparently lives in LA too. It was a very nice dinner followed by a very intense game of "around the world" table tennis. Next morning we awoke, had to take a 140euro taxi cab (YUCK) to Girona, because the Buses were all on strike (figures - Jesse missed his flight, and I journeyed home to Florence. I met a girl from my book arts class on the plane, and it was nice being able to end my journey still hanging out with someone who I knew.

Week 9 starts here.

I stayed up till 2 am with my group in Cinema History class on Monday because come Tuesday we were supposed to have a presentation due. But our teachers child caught the swine flu so we we were postponed until the following week. I progressed a lot on my animation work (well... not that much), but other than that all went well. Then on Saturday my friend Paul from high school came down to visit for a night(since he is studying in Vienna) and we got a decent amount of stuff accomplished. I finally went to Boboli Gardens and a few of the other surrounding museums. We went to the Bargello as well, and I was upset they raised the prices from 4 to 7 euro. However this was easily sorted when I told the woman I was English (by simply pointing at nothing particular and saying "England" under my breath) and thus got to enter the museum for the reduced rate of 3.50 (which is for Europeans only). Fun weekend.

Week 10 starts here.

Did our cinema history presentation and rocked it. We had a slide show to show as well as clips from the movie and everything in between. Our teacher really enjoyed it, which I suppose is always good when one is making a presentation. I progressed working on my animation, but I had to leave class early on Thursday because I was just WAY to tired. I went back to my apartment and slept from 7:30pm to 8:30pm this morning. I'm still a little tired, but I think one or two more nights of good sleep will set me straight. Marissa's dad has come to visit now, so I might be off to have Pizza with them later (Yum! I Love pizza) and on a total whim, it seems that the rest of my roommates have gone off to Switzerland for the weekend, leaving me with some time to relax and get stuff done which I suppose is always good.

My teacher told me yesterday there are only 3 more weeks of class.... then one of finals. Jeeze! It's ending so soon I can't believe it. Still got a lotta projects to do and places to visit before then though.

Until next time (which will be sooner than this one was ),


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