Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Sixth Week

Settle down everyone!

Settle down!

I know you all have been wanting to see a picture and now finally here is one:

(If you click on it - it'll get all large and detail-y)

Thats the view from my roof/patio thing. Nice isn't it? I took lots more lovely pictures this week but alas, they are not uploaded to my computer and the file sizes are much too big anyway. I'll compress some and put them up soon (I know, I always say that - right?).

Well, this week was filled with lots of awesome adventures and experiences (to counter last weeks in-productivity, I suppose), and as soon as I got finished writing last weeks blog post, I promptly stood up from my computer and began to call people to see about going out to do something.

We decided to go to Chianti "Wine Country" and go wine tasting. I had never been before, but it was very fun. After a long bus ride, we got to the winery, which had 100 different types of wine to sample, and olive oil as well (but you don't taste that in a glass). The way it worked was - you bought a 10 euro card and each taste cost a different amount, so pretty much, if you tried expensive wine you got less and if you tried cheap wine you got more. It was fun. I tasted a wine that smelled like a fart. Honestly, I don't know why I still tasted it after smelling it, because when one thinks of fart, the thought that is furthest from reality is "let me see how it tastes now." Magically enough, it did not taste like fart - which was a welcome discovery.

Then the following day Justin and I felt like being productive, so we set off to conquer some museums. We saw the David at the Academia, and all the other David statues at the Borgello, and it was very cool to see such famous sculptures in .... person. Then we ventured into the Duomo (Massive Church), and we were sort of let down that it was not lavishly decorated inside. Apparently, they removed all the cool stuff inside and put it on display in a museum across the street. We found a cool excavation site underneath though, which was interesting to walk around in for a couple of minutes. We didn't go to the top of the dome though, I'll try to do that in a couple of days.

Then Saturday night we went out to a small Oktoberfest type thing that was happening a couple of blocks away, near St. Croce church. I got a free Hot Dog, which was very large and very tasty. They had said they were sold out, but then I pointed at one and the man gave me and everyone who I was with a large Hot Dog. It was in a bun too! Hooray!

Tuesday night, we made a journey to one of 3 (known) "secret bakeries" in Florence. Now the term "secret bakery" sounds like a drug operation, but it is not. It is just a bakery that is open at 12 am till 6 am and consists of a man who peers through a crack in the door. He takes your money while you whisper what you want (I got a Pizza) and then he shuts the door, disappears for a moment and hands you your food telling you to stay quiet. It was kind of weird, but it was cheap and I was hungry, and where else are you going to find food at that hour?

A couple of days ago, in a much less shady transaction, Millie's mom came from Australia to visit and took us all out to dinner at a restaurant called Za-Za, which was really tasty. I got a Pasta. Yum.

But back to museums. After animation class on Tuesday (where we had some great guest speakers), my teacher informed us that the speakers had reserved tickets to the Vasari Corridor (If you want to learn about it - please click the link and read it, as it is way too much to explain here. But they had 6 tickets left over, so all of us signed up at once. The trip was awesome, it started with an hour tour of the Uffizi museum and then an hour tour of the Corridor itself. While I wasn't always interested in what the guide had to say, I am glad I went because I'll probably not get another chance to.

That's pretty much the week overview. I'm sure I'll have some more fun stories and such next week.... and maybe some more pictures too.

Next weeks post will come earlier than usual I think... but I'll tell you why later!



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