Friday, October 2, 2009

The Fifth Week

Hello All,

So. What did I do this week?

Well. Let us travel back in time together to a weekend. A weekend better known as .... Last Weekend.

So. Last weekend, me and a bunch of friends went off to Bologna by train. They wanted to go for a party, and I just planned on going for the day to eat some bolognese and look around. After catching a early train up to bologna by myself *the friends were coming in the evening*, I got to Bologna and instantly wished I had stayed home. The main reason was that there were SO MANY goth kids walking around. In Florence, I see hardly any kids that aren't students or tourists, and in Bologna it was exactly the opposite. Hundreds of 14 year olds walking around in hardcore black make up and other controversial hair styles and clothing going on. Now, I'm not some big ol'e 1950's conservative by any means, but I just hate goth attire.

Soon, I found that 50% of the streets were just deserted and everything was covered in graffiti. So relieved was I, when I turned a corner and ended up in the museum of modern art, because you can always count on museums to provide something interesting and a familiar feeling that could trick you into thinking you were in a much more charming city. Then eventually my friends arrived, and after finding out their party was sold out, we all ate some bolognese and promptly went home. Lame. I've heard many good things about Bologna - but apparently I just went on the wrong day.

Now lets go further back in time to the day before (Sorry for writing out of order), but that friday we did our Iron Chef night of cooking with Pomegranates.

This turned out FANTASTICALLY.

Millie's friend who had had us over for dinner the week before, came to judge us on our skills of making food up on the fly. Marissa started with the appetizer, which was mango slices with avocado slices on it, topped with pomegranate seeds. So good. Then Millie made a watermelon, mint, and pomegranate salad, which she put some cream cheese in (thought it was ricotta - still good though). Then Justine served her pom & Orange juice punch/cocktail drink, which was refreshing, and then I provided my main course, which was Thin slices of steak/roast beef that I cooked with a little bit of salt and sauce that I made which was a mix of honey and pom juice *with a dash of Worcestershire sauce* That turned out REALLY good! I served it on a bed of mushrooms (I had never cooked them before - but now I know how easy it is), and I put a little pom juice in that too. Then Justin served his desert, which was straciatella *chocolate chip* ice cream, topped with grilled pineapple, orange zest, and pom seeds. It was a VERY good meal. But I was super happy afterwards because Millie's friend pronounced me as the winner, meaning I didn't have to do any dishes after.

One of my friends caught swine flu the other day (he's the only one - don't worry), and they put him in quarantine in the hospital for 9 days. He's all better now, so we all went out for pizza to our favorite pizzeria to celebrate that we can now once again stand within 20 feet of him without fearing our safety. No one else is sick though, so we think he caught it somewhere weird and now it has passed. Not too much concern.

Classes were pretty good this week, I got some interesting drawings done for animation, and In book arts we made some books with a "Japanese" binding, which is a pretty cool technique for using sewing and such to make small notebooks and things. We are working on tunnel books now (at least, I am), and I am doing the central market, which is a place I really like to go and look at all the interesting things. There was a stall selling cow faces the other day. Not to be ethnocentric but that was weird.

This weekend, I hope to do something exciting, but I'm not quite sure what that will be yet. The weeks are going insanely fast - even the days- It's friday one day and friday the next. I'll be home in no time, so I have to start making sure I use the days to their full advantage. I'll catch a train somewhere or do something that warrants being written about next week. Maybe I'll get a haircut.

....and I promise that I'll put at least ONE picture up next week for y'all.

Maybe more.

See ya!

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