Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Third Week

Hey Everyone,

So.... I was going to upload pictures today but the school building was shut so I had to go to an Internet Cafe so once again.... no pictures (I bet you're thinking "he hasn't taken any and is just covering for it" - but I have). So, for the time being, I hope you have good imaginations, 'cause it's time to use them.

First. I hate Italian keyboards soley for the fact that nothing is where it should (pardon my ethnocentrism) be. So this means I have to type like a total moron unless I spend five minutes on every sentance. Yuck. Also it took me about 10 mins to find the "'" so When I wrote a sentance "well, we'll go..." it came out "well, well go...". Hopefully they figure it out.

But enough of ranting about keyboards and making excuses for not showing anyone pictures. Let me tell you more about Italy.

Well, over the past weekend, we spent a day going to the Sea. I don't remember what it was called, but we had to take a 2 hour train ride to get there and another 2 hour train ride to get back. It was nice though. The sand was smoother than I have ever felt, and the water was so warm you could just walk in. A cool thing was that there was a sandbar where we were you so you could walk out about 50ft before the water got higher than chest-height. No waves either, so it would really be a perfect place for a game of volleyball or something.

The downside was that there was SO MUCH red seaweed building up on the break that you had to walk through it (and god knows what else) up to your calves for about 5 or 6 feet before exiting into the perfect clear sea. Gross. Then there were crabs crawling under the sand near your feet and there were plently of lil' jelly fish in the water too. So I got out. It also cost 3 euros to be on the beach and EVERY 10 seconds differnet guys and gals would walk up and pester you to get you to buy swim suits and get massages. I was wearing a swimsuit. Why would I buy another??

Then the week went nicely. I met up with a friend who I haven't seen since high school, and classes have been good. I really like creative writing and book arts. In cinema history we watched the american re-make of the italian film (L'ultimo bacci) that we had seen the week before, which was called "The Last Kiss" and starred Zach Braff. While I like him as an actor - the film was AWFUL.

I found out that bars have happy hour all-you-can-eat buffets for really cheap, and on the days I don't feel like cooking, i've been going to those, where I can pay 5euro and then eat tons and tons of mediocere sandwiches to my hearts content. I went to one the other day that advertised plates of sushi for the buffet. The first plate was 6euro and every addition plate (of about 6 pieces) was 1 euro after that. Great deal. Wierd sushi though. It was the chefs first time making it and each roll had things like cooked chicken, cooked egg, cooked salmon, and so on. It was alright though.

For my week break I have decided to go to Barcelona with my cousin Jesse. My roomate from back at USC, jose, might join and other people say they are going as well so maybe we'll all meet up and trek up the tiny, cramped, and unfinished stairwell of the Sagrada Familia (sp?) together. Next weekend, while everyone is off at octoberfest, my roomate, Justin, and I are going to go to Bolgna (sp?) and eat bolognaise. Cause thats where it comes from. I hope the quality is as good as I expect.

I want to start going to more places every weekend, visit friends and family and such all over the place and just have a generally good time. Its much cheaper to go to Europe when you're in Europe already, so to say "ehhh, I'll do it next time, would be completly absurd". Looks like 1'll have to deal with buying things (aka plane tickets) that are over 60 bucks for once. Blargh.

I did laundry today (finally) and hung all my clothes out the window to dry. It went well, but now I have a pair of Jeans hanging outside, which will probably take ages. I like doing laundry by hand, even though we have a tiny machine, and it's much cheaper than 4 bucks a load like it is at USC.

I've also been drawing a lot lately, which is good, because I severely slacked over the summer. I am about at the level I was before, and I have finally tried my hand at drawing faces that aren't looking straight ahead. The dramatic, excited, bear I drew turned out well. Ill post a picture if I can.

Well, thats all for today. I'm off to IKEA now, as mentioned in my previous post, so I can check out a new section of Florence and get some meatballs. I wonder if the quality of Swedish food improves the closer you are to Sweden. I will rate and then tell you how it compares to the one in my house. If I go to Sweden, I'll have to go to an IKEA there and report.

Boy, I feel like a food critic.

- Ezra


  1. So good to hear from you today! Hope we can plan something out soon.

    Looks like a lot of balls for Ez in the future.... haha....

    Barcelona is supposedly awesome. Ex-thept for the accthent.

  2. Yeah I think that accent is ridiculous.

    I went once when I was little to Barcelona, and it was supper cool, so I am very excited to return to it and hang out more.

    Also. I'm not a fan of the whole city shutting down from 1-4pm so everyone can take naps.

  3. My spanish teacher last year was from Barcelona, and he said that the whole purpose behind it is for families to get together and have a big lunch together, because it is the ideal time to eat meat- not when you wake up and not before bed.....

    so it is all related to food. Still ridic though