Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Second Week

Hey All!

So, now the second week has passed, and once again I forgot to bring my camera to upload more pictures. Sorry bout that.

So this week classes went by quite smoothly. I like all my teachers, and I am very excited to get things rolling. In Italian, I was the only kid in the class, but then they moved the time slot an hour forward so that we could include one more student from New York. The class is really fun, we spend all our time talking about where we are from and learning various things, but the only requirement is that we speak only in Italian (the teacher helps us out a lot obviously...). I've made it a rule not to speak English in the supermarket, and yesterday I went and ordered stuff and cuts of meat and cheese all in Italian and was successful! It is very fulfilling to learn to speak another language in the country. The only mistake I made as asking for 50g of Provalone instead of 50kg, and the woman freaked out thinking I wanted more cheese than anyone could ever possible want.

Animation class is cool as well. All the students from USC who came to SACI and one other student are in it, and our teacher is a friendly person who is teaching us how to do traditional type animation in Flash, which is a program I have wanted to learn but have never been able to figure out.

Book arts is awesome because we are making books, and as I write this post I am finishing up a new sketch book to use (it's also an assignment), and its cool being able to sew my own binding. I think I may make most of my notebooks from now on. We are going to learn to make about 20 different kinds of books or something like that.

In Italian Cinema we watched "L'ultimo baccio" (The Last Kiss), which was remade poorly in the US a couple of years ago. I thought it was a really good film. It was not really anything we are going to learn about - simple for enjoyment - so we'll see how I enjoy the rest of the class. I hope I will though. My teacher was the editor for 'Weekend at Bernies', "Godfather part 3," and a bunch of other Francis Ford Kopolla movies, so she knows her stuff.

Last but not least, Creative Writing, once again seems to be awesome. The teacher is a really fun guy with a phd and we are pretty much allowed to write whatever we want and bring it in for critique. I'm working on a story already, so I'm going to bring that in to get it work-shopped into something great.

We've been cooking lots of food left and right, and finally cleaned the kitched (with mop) yesterday. Justin (my roommate) is an ex-assistant chef, and he cooks up the most insanely awesome seafood dishes (even thought I'm not a seafood fan). And I made some breaded chicken the other day, and a tomato sauce for some more ravioli. Its nice to cook with wine for once, because it really adds an interesting flavor to my food.

Me and my friend Matt have been going out for night walks all around Florence to explore and we have found some cool stuff and places. Still trying to find a Japanese food place that isn't more expensive than a house in Malibu on the beach. Going to clubs and such has been interesting though because on the dance floors theres lots of creepy Italian dudes who kind of walk up and begin to dance awkwardly with any girls in the group and then all the guys have to move over and shut them out until they walk away. It's kinda weird.

Other than that all is fun. I'm making plans of various places to go in the next few weekends, friends to visit and places to see. I think tomorrow I am going to catch the free shuttle to IKEA to get a plate of meatballs. That should be tasty.

I'm sure other stuff that is interesting has happened but I can't think of it all right now. Gotta do my laundry later.

- Ezra!

Making Books for Book Arts! I made a Sketchbook!


  1. You're in Italy, and you're going to IKEA to get a plate of meatballs?


  2. You're stupid. I can't eat italian food all the time. Its a oddly limmited selection. You woulden't think so cause its all super delicious but I cant have pasta and pizza every day. Its also gorram expensive.

    So I'm going to IKEA for one meal as a slight change of pace.