Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Fourth Week

Lets start this post off with a positive statement. I hate Mosquitoes. They suck, and for some reason they exist on living in Italy along with me. Every morning I wake up covered in bites, each one swollen and itchy. What a pain. Also, I some how lost my bottle of Cetaphile soap, so now I have to wash up using lesser soaps, and not feeling as clean as I like in the morning.

But in other news,Marrisa, Justin and I thought up a new "Iron Chef"-like challenge, where we all cook different food each week, but we have to use one similar - obscure- ingredient. This past week, we cooked with oranges. Justin and I made different chicken dishes and Marissa made zucchini in a pan with some other veggies. For both dishes the oranges were a welcome and awesome addition to the meal. Tomorrow, we are going to try with Pomegranates.

So, I am sure you are all sitting at the edge of your seats now, wondering how my weekend excursion to Ikea was. Well, let me tell you now. It was awesome. Me, Justin, Marissa, and our other friend Anjali went. We had plates of Meatballs - well, Justin and I did, Marissa had the salmon. It was so good. Then Justin and I bought scented candles - 'cause our living room smells weird - and then we took the free shuttle back to downtown Florence. On the ride back, I found a park with a nice lake to hang out in, and I went the other day just to sit and relax. I like breaking routine a bit because then everything stays interesting.

I made a realy good sandwich at home a couple of days ago. I bought fresh baguette, turkey, and Peccorino cheese, and when I put it all together in the baguette with red pepper, it was one of the tastiest sandwiches I had ever had. Then my writing teacher, recommended me a place to go for lunch today, that makes sandwiches. Since I can't order well enough in Italian yet, I just let the sandwich man put whatever he wanted between my grilled Panini bread. And It was delicious.

He put:ground seasoned meat, eggplant, tomato, toasted panini bread, zucchini (roasted), and some toppings and sauces that i cant translate from Italian to English, but one was called viagra, and some grilled mushrooms, salt and olive oil (maybe I forgot something else).

But we all rearranged the living room yesterday, which was nice, because it was terribly out of order before. Now it still is kind of obnoxious, but you can see out of the window now when you sit on the couch, instead of staring at a wall. That's nice I suppose. Its going to get to cold to eat outside soon, so I'm sure we'll make the living room, more livable before then.

The other night Millie's friend had us over for dinner. She also lives in Florence and has a delightful dog named Jasmine who was rather black lab looking. She made us really good food, steak, vegetables, and pasta. All stuff I like to eat. It was a very good meal, and it was nice having something homecooked - that I didn't have to make myself for once.

Tomorrow we're going to go to Bologna, and I finally get to eat Bolognese sauce on my pasta in the city it was created in. It had best be superb. Other than that, nothing much has changed lately. I think I might feel a cold coming on, so that means it's time to drink lots of water, I guess.

Seems like everyone is getting sick. (That's a good sentence to end a post all about food on, right?)

I'm off to get another one of those tasty sandwiches now.

Ciao. Chow.

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