Monday, September 7, 2009

The First Week


So here is what I’ve done in the past few days. This will be slightly summed up and I didn’t take enough pictures, but Ill take more in the future (at least I’ll try).

Well my Mom and I caught the train up from Rome and after meeting up with her friend, we spent the day walking around Florence, checking out the Duomo, several other cool things, and of course – eating Pizza and Gelato – which is indeed yummy here (as it should be)!

Then after waking up on move in day and having a decent breakfast at the hotel (I have to admit, I am not a fan of most European Hotel Breakfasts… too much ham and not enough of anything else) I caught a 7 minute taxi ride and went down the street to my school SACI, where I checked in and got my keys. Then I walked to the apartment and was amazed (Its gigantic – Pictures will follow when I can upload them properly).

My roommates are Justin and Justine – both from Malta, Mellie from Australia, and Marissa from Southern California as well. They are all nice and very fun people to live with. We live directly across the street from the Academia, which is the museum that holds Michelangelo’s “The David”.

After checking out SACI and having an orientation and small reception (they promised food – but it wasn’t substantial) we went to the Central Market which is a place where you can buy your meat fresh, same goes for produce, fish, and pasta. Spending only 4 euros I was able to buy enough food to make a huge plate of Ravioli with Basil and a Bolognaise sauce. I made up the recipe on the spot, but it turned out quite good – I wish I had taken a picture.

I put: Ground beef (that I cooked in olive oil before hand with celery and green onions) in a basic tomato (with no pre-added flavor) sauce. Then I mixed it all together and added some cream. Then I mixed it with the ravioli I bought fresh from the market as well, and it was very good!

I’ve been making turkey sandwiches everyday for lunch (buying lots of turkey and bread) to save money, and making big meals for desert. Tonight I’m making a thinly sliced steak with salad on it (my cousin Albert can tell you what it’s called ;)) and Ill let you know how it goes. I also made myself an egg salad sandwich today and that was good as well.

Besides trying to make food, I’ve met a lot of people in the program and they are all very nice, and we’ve been going out and around the town often looking for something to do. For instance, the other night we climbed to the Piazza di Michelangelo, and looked over the city at night and it was incredible.

Tomorrow classes start, so I suppose Ill try to get a better nights sleep than I have done previously. I’m excited, and I hope they are good. In a couple of weeks, I am hoping to meet up with my cousin Jesse and my friend from school back home, Jose, and hopefully we’ll all do something interesting and worth writing about! If I’ve taken pictures since I’ve written this (since I do it in advance) , Ill post them now. If not – talk to you all soon and hope all is well!

I took pictures, I jsut have not uploaded them yet.


  1. You have been making big meals for dessert?

  2. Yearhg, I meant to write dinner. Ah well, gelato on the brain I guess. I still need to find a place to buy some italian sodas.

  3. MMMMMM Gelato. I love your about me... "My dog, my cat... oh and my family as well".